In regards to a tangible goal for H+ pursuits, I believe the most amenable role is to act as a transitionalist for transhumanism providing a wealth of knowledge and practices that can ultimately decrease the amount of hostile utility directed towards the philosophy. This would require implementing a strategy of cumulative knowledge in many fields over an extended time.

         How to inject this strategy into everyday life is manifested by the conjunction the quantified self and Biohacking. I would posit these fields are exercising practical Transhumanist philosophy. The real trick is the keep it in the forefront of one mind.

          Realistically – I often forget I am not separate from evolution, but a simply a step in it (albeit it a miniscule one). By explicitly retaining Transhumanism as the focus of my Biohacking experimentation it not only provides empirical evidence but assists with critical thinking along two paths – Immediate results from the experiment and formulating future hypothesis’.

          Whilst recording the individual’s experience is anecdotal, cumulative experimentation within an evolutionary timeframe could provide useful data. To embrace conscious evolution I would posit that trapping the data solely inside my own meatbag would do injustice to future anthropologists. I’m attempting to be history assisting the historian.

          Knowing this, it is advantageous to keep records of these Biohacks in a tangible manner via self quantification.

          To give a perceptable example, if Soylent (Food supplement) is the focus of a Biohacking experiment – the Hypothesis can be concluded by using appropriate metrics to quantify empirical effects of this on the self. Furthermore – the more metrics and variables one can account for will surely assist with empirical conclusions by establishing lengthy average controls.

          Whilst biohacking provides the catalyst for the data, the data itself is what’s essentially important to myself. Quantified Self establishes tangible metrics for investigation, as well as retaining the goal of cumulative knowledge in everyday life.
I would defend that for a consistent experience with a biohack, not only would a control (as much as possible) metric be amenable, but once the information is articulated it assists with pattern recognition, building a rigorous conclusion and subsequent hypothesis’.