Very excited to log My FlexNT arrived! Graciously supplied by Dangerous Things this little package is indicative of evolving in-vivo technology. The most notable progression is that it will require minor surgery to install.

Psychologically, I formed an unusual continency I hadn’t anticipated. Due to the nature of my biohacking pursuits (i.e. to further the field itself) when approaching implantation I’ve always, ALWAYS decided outright on an experienced installer necessary, primarily for the sake of the experiment and furthermore for argument and safety sake.

A strong focus of mine is safe installation. As implants become increasingly common (but more succinctly) increasingly advantageous installers will become a necessity to minimise risk. We’ve come to a point where the chips can be produced out of a garage and culturally, it’s not unheard of for grinders to implant themselves.

Whilst culturally this is acceptable, within wider society – this makes people uncomfortable. However, I would posit that most grinders DIY attitude is not strictly due to culture and cultural capital but is heavily catalysed by a lack of safe installation facilities. In my experience I’ve found professionals, even body modders, that are unphased but unwilling to participate.

So iterate the point in a colloquial metaphor: We need safe injection rooms.

Ethically, finding installation raised a curious notion – if I can’t find a willing installer with minor-surgeon skills… will I have to install it myself?
For the sake of my virtue remaining in tact I may have too.

Aesthetically, the flex immediately gives a more medical impression – anecdotally a glint of insight illuminated in a conversation with my mother. Showing people the NTi injection assembly had always freaked people out – the twitches on their face, the tweak of an eye, the nuance of the tone – repulsion was near impossible to hide.

My mother had been a previously guilty of such behaviour – funnily, when I showed her the FlexNT, comfortably sitting in a sterilized container, she didn’t flinch. If her previous revulsion (the xNTi) had not been so constant, then the lack of any visual disgust would not have been so striking! I immediately acknowledged this and she revealed that it simply looked more medical and hence, appealing.
I suppose it depends on which establishments you actually trust, even if it is influenced by aesthetics. However I digress.

To reiterate, self installation is not a contingency I was prepared for. And in the interest of transparency I must confess – I was excited at the possibility of me needing to perform surgery on myself. Never had that feeling before. I wasn’t about to jump at it – it’s an absolute last resort, but a last resort I could pull valuable data and experience from.

Before this, the plan of attack is has been decided on. I plan to scout possibilities and obstacles through interviews with a Doctor, a Nurse, a Med Student, a Dermatologist and our trusty lawyers.
From here I can source more progressive doctors,
Failing that, convince a doc/nurse to do it anonymously (I believe there is a slight chance)

Failing that – self-surgery.

I don’t necessarily think the later is a good option, but it’s a viable one. My main objection in the medical arena would rely on the notion that 100% risk prevention isn’t realistic, people will do it themselves, hence future risk mitigation is a must.
I would feel some cognitive dissonance asserting such things if I knew I personally wasn’t willing to implant myself.
I’m being fallacious here as an Argument for Hypocrisy is what I cling to…but there’s something about talking the talk but not walking the walk that doesn’t sit right with me.

FlexNT instillation will be a common hurdle to many grinders as unfortunately it requires skills akin to surgery, a skillset most are not willing to engage in unless out of necessity.

I would like to digress into the historical context of body modification, but for now I will reveal in the whimsy that one person’s upgrade is another person’s self mutilation.