Jesse Barber, AKA The BioCuriousHazard is a multifaceted communication professional.

This Blog exists to catalyse tangible positions and rhetoric.

Jesse has a long academic history within different communication mediums and media production, the lattermost being a BA of Comms, Graduating with Distinction, Specialising in Post-human Bioethics.

Primarily working as a Technology Consultant for the Australian Innovation collaborative Possumworks, Jesse also runs NFC Wireless (Near Field Communication Technologies) and Go Hack Yourself (NFC Implant technology).

Jesse also works in Digital Content production as a producer, director and editor, Tech Consulting in Comm-tech and Media – as well as more experimental technologies such as VR, Crypto and Implant technologies.

Transhumanism, Futurism, Biohacking and Ethics are Jesse’s primary interests – aiming to work as a Futurist and Transitionalist for emerging technologies that will have impact on the human condition. As far as notably bias within this go – Jesse leans towards Extropian Transhumanism with a tendency to prioritise Utilitarianism.

Lover of Art, Science and Philosophy.